The Icarus

About The Icarus

What Is It?

A student-run publication at Hunter college. This is a newspaper / blog covering topics relevant to the Daedalus community and Computer Science at Hunter at large. Check out The Hunter Envoy for an example of what a student-run publication looks like.

Who Can Participate?

Ideally, anyone. Very few of us are reporters by trade, so we'll take stories from anyone related to our community. This includes CS Faculty, students, clubs, and alumni.

Where Can We See It?

The uncertainty of in-person operations resuming on campus in the fall means we're going to be publishing our content online for the foreseeable future.

Why Should We Do This?

Hunter Computer Science needs a paper of record. To outsiders, this is an up-to-date public-facing presence for Hunter CS. For students, this will also be a great way to make our impact on Hunter permanent. Future cohorts of students might find value in the history of their program, and might be inspired to revive past initiatives.

How Is This Going To Operate?

  • Writers: full-time reporters, Daedalus students, and Hunter CS faculty can submit stories or op-eds to the editors
  • Editors: a small group of students who will work with writers to polish and then approve stories for publication. Ideally, each editor will be concerned with stories pertaining to one topic/department.
  • Editors-In-Chief: two devoted Daedalus students who will serve as the final decision makers and a point of contact with the administration
  • Dev Team: responsible for designing and maintaining the website

The editors and editors-in-chief should meet on a monthly basis to discuss stories and long-term goals.